Lamin Fofana is a Sierra Leonean artist and music producer based in Berlin.

Lamin Fofana’s music is reflective and complex, lucid and transportive, absorbing and beautifully abstract. More crucially though, for the Berlin-based Sierra Leonean artist and those who engage with his work, the music he creates is much more than a listening experience – it’s a means of understanding and engaging with ideas of identity, migration, displacement and race through an artistic medium.

Eoin Murray, DJ Mag

Fofana, who was born and raised in Sierra Leone and Guinea, runs the Sci-Fi & Fantasy label—home to, among other things, Lotic’s first releases. His own work is part of a dialogue between techno, as it’s broadly understood, and more abstracted forms. With the Another World EP, he attempts to link techno back to the real world, to bridge aesthetics with socio-economics, with ocean currents, with stale bread and dirty water. It’s right there in the subtitle of the third track: ‘(Realist Mix)’.

Philip Sherburne, Pitchfork

At one moment, it is riot-space; at another, thinking-space; at yet another, chill-out-and-recharge-space; and at yet another, historical-space. At all times it is a delicate synthesis of multifarious strands and an enterprise in gauging dirt patches in this mad moment, in exposing little bits of hard ground on which our desires for another world, certainly for the end of this one, can continue to find traction.

Gean Moreno, e-flux Journal (issue #79)

Having moved to the US from Freetown in the late 1990s he is an artist with vast range of experiences that have been shaped by international migration. It’s thus no surprise that mobility has long been a part of his artistic exploration. His previous work, completed while living and working in New York City, referenced contemporary headlines around migration.

Boima Tucker, Africa is a Country